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Today The Potential of Violence is High!

Andre Taylor Has An Assignment For Our White Allies.

7,500 People Plan to March In Seattle For George Floyd!

Not This Time!

Not This Time!  is a community organization focused on reducing fatal police shootings, reducing violence, changing the laws that govern the use of force, and rebuilding trust between our communities and the police who are sworn to protect and serve us. We were founded in February, 2016, and incorporated as a non-profit organization in Washington state later that year.

Mission: We educate the community, empower them to change policy, and stand with the families impacted by police violence.

Vision: Our vision is to further the knowledge and experience of Not This Time to empower and educate the community

Values: We value dialogue because we bring community and decision-makers to the table. We engage the community and value their truth. We believe in fairness and justice

Who we serve: We serve communities that are impacted and silenced by systemic violence, especially police violence.

Services: As Street Czar, I help organize communities, educate the public about social justice issues, and facilitate dialogue between community and government. Our mission is to reduce police violence, heal communities, and effect real change in government. – Broadening De-Escalation based on the method of Initiative 940.
– Meeting with elected officials, community leaders and organizations.
– Developing models for mental and behavioral health programs that focus on the specific needs of the brown and black community.

Our Story

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Reducing Police Violence

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Healing Communities

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Thank you for interest in our movement.  Please join us by following us here and on our NOT THIS TIME Facebook Page.